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Einar Columbus Salvesen Organisational & clinical psychologist:

Work experience as a private practitioner, and from the areas of education, health, NGOs and consultancy firms. Chief psychologist at the Refugee Department of The Red Cross. Initiated in 1982, together with Nathalie Rogers, The Institute for Person-Centred Expressive Therapy, offering counselling, workshops and training courses in Client-Centred Expressive Therapy. 1990 established Columbus Consulting Ltd., with focus on human resources development, offering services as a consultant and advisor on diverse levels in large multinational companies, state departments and institutions in various countries. 1994 together with Ragnar Naess, initiated Development Support, a network of consultants focusing on co-operation in connection with international HRD projects. We have had assignments for a number of companies and institutions in transition- and developing countries.


Person Centered Expressive Therapy

Based on The Person Centered Approach which was developed by Carl Rogers, the concept Person Centered Expressive Therapy (PCET) was coined by Dr. Nathalie Rogers and myself in 1982. We initiated an institute providing brief programs, seminars and workshops in PCET, as well as a 2 year international program credited at California State University. PCET was considered by Rogers to be «…a new another off shoot of The Person Centered Approach.»

Rogers work is today considered to be the most influential therapeutic approach of all time. The Person Centered Approach regards transparency, congruence and empathy as the necessary conditions for positive change of behaviour. While «Classical» Person Centered therapy focus on verbal communication in human relationships, PCET focus on creating new experiences, awareness and integration also through a broad spectrum of Person Centered Non-Verbal Modes of Communication.

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